I went to BDO on Australia Day. I am not a big music festival person but Arcade Fire was playing so I had to see them live. BDO itself wasn’t as enjoyable but thanks to Arcade Fire it turned out to be a wonderful day.

Being nestled in the crowd singing and dancing, suddenly this idea came to my head. Every national day should be celebrated with music. We now live in a world of open communication and potentially open governments. Whist we respect the past, we need to live in unity, passion and love. Less wars, unnecessary deaths, less corrupted government and less bullying.

Food, music and photography have the ability to unite us all. Is that the new religion?






Sixpenny is a restaurant located in Stanmore, Sydney. Due to my humble beginning in life, I am always thankful to be able to enjoy the finer things in life.

Sixpenny is my kind of restaurant, serves my kind of food. The food is simple not overcrowded with unnecessary stuff.

iPhone photo. No filter.

Hi all, Happy New Year 2013 – another year, another loop. I am starting to feel that I am neglecting this blog. That said, I have been quite active on Instagram because it is the easiest way to shoot and share. I am just a lazy photographer. Some may say that, Instagram isn’t photography but my argument is you still need to frame the shot. Framing is an important element of photography and my preference is the minimalistic style with one or two elements.

It is summer time now in Australia and the weather is humid and hot. Everyone is out and being active, festivals, beaches and parties.

And then, there was the gigantic duck near my office, part of the Sydney Festival 2013.

I am super tan from the Australian sun and going to the beach is my thing. I love the Sydney beaches and always feel like I’m living in paradise. Below are a couple of shots from Coogee Beach just 20 minutes drive from my house.

One of my favourite beaches in Sydney, Tamarama Beach which is a small beach between Bondi and Bronte.

Thanks for tuning into my world, until next time. Peace.

Last Sunday, I went to the Art Gallery of NSW to see the Archibald. I promise a friend that I would see his painting and he is one of the finalists for the Sulman prize. I’m an art noob but it was an interesting exhibition and hopefully broaden my perspective on things. For the first time, I read the description of each painting and it was wonderful to be able to relate the words and story back to the painting. Almost like a little journey from each painter. Photography wasn’t allowed so some street photos enroute to Art Gallery NSW.